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We use Active-Probiotics that work at the microscopic level to biodegrade dirt and grime, especially into the cracks and crevices of your surfaces.

A probiotic surface cleaner uses the power of probiotics harnessed from nature to work with surfactants to not only clean surfaces but also biodegrade hidden dirt and grime in cracks/grooves of the surfaces. Probiotics have multiple uses beyond digestive supplements.


Traditional cleaning products do not use Active-Probiotics, and consequently do not provide a microscopic deep clean or up to 3 days surface protection

Made at home cleaning products will stop cleaning once you wipe the solution away. VEO provides a great initial clean and continues to work at the microscopic level for up to three days.


The bottle is created with 95% post consumer recycled plastic. The label is not recyclable, so we purposely added a perforated edge to aid with removal of the label from the product package. First, remove the label by pulling up from the bottom and then throw the label away.  Then the bottle can be recycled.

Although VEO is a safe product, VEO should be keep out of reach of children. The product's label will describe when and how to use the product in the correct way. We do not recommend that you use VEO if you or any member of your home is immunocomprimised.

Our formula is 99% biodegradable, and the bottle is made of 95% post consumer recycled plastic. Also, the active-probiotics used in VEO are found in nature.

You can purchase any of the variants for $8.99.

The spores used in the formulas are non-GMO.

We've been working on this formula for years! VEO has been created and tested to ensure that our probiotics are cleaning the way that we intended to.

Yes, we recommend rinsing a cutting board after cleaning with VEO because it is a surface that comes in contact with food.

Rinsing countertops is necessary if the countertop comes into contact with food

99% of ingredients in our formula are biodegradable, meaning they will break down to their natural state when subjected to natural conditions such as water and sunlight.

For messes that weren't cleaned up immediately, we recommend spraying the product and then letting it sit and soak before wiping it away. This allows VEO to do its job on the mess that was left behind.

The spray cleaner was designed to be used on countertops, cutting boards, and higher surfaces that you typically wipe down with a cloth or towel. The floor cleaner was designed for the purposes of using the product on the floor specifically the cap and fragrance levels were developed to ensure a great consumer experience.

If VEO gets on your skin, flush the area with water. We also recommend washing your hands after using the product.

Yes, VEO is septic safe.

We did extensive safety testing to ensure the product is not hazardous. There are no known significant effects or critical hazards with skin contact. However, if spilled on skin, flush the area with plenty of water. Also, we recommend washing your hands after using the product.

No, VEO can be kept where you typically keep your cleaning products (cabinets, closets, countertops, shelves, etc.)

Our formula contains a preservative to prevent contamination from occurring. Even so, we still perform routine micro quality testing on every production batch.

There is no "expiration date", but the product should stay for up to 2 years. We suggest giving the bottle a gentle shake before using.


The Active-Probiotics work at the microscopic level in the cracks and crevices of your surfaces for up to three days after your last application.  This means the probiotics survive for those three days and will continue to biodegrade the existing dirt and grime for that period. The surface can still be used and wiped down as normal.  The product can be used daily.

Acrylic, Aluminum, Brass, Ceramic, Chrome, Copper, Concrete, Granite, Laminate, Laminated Wood, Porcelain, Quartz, Stainless Steel, Urethane coated wood, Vinyl

Fiberglass, Marble, Terra Cotta

The 28oz bottles are purposefully created for floors. We encourage you to use this product on your floors as long as you check the surfaces approved on the bottle to ensure your floors are covered!

We do not recommend using the product on your walls.

You can use the product on coated wood (Example, urethane coated).

Using a disinfectant would reduce the effectiveness of the probiotic, so we would not recommend this.

No, you should wash your hands after use.

The floor cleaner goes directly on the floor; there is no dilution needed.